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External Battery (38 / 38 Wh Black 10400 / 10400 mAh Li-ion 5 V)

PSE Code: EDC022.806

Brand: Powersmart

Colors :

Rate 38 / 38 Wh
Colour Black
Capacity 10400 / 10400 mAh
Size 93.20 x 71.15 x 28.70 mm mm
Input Voltage 5 V
External Battery Output Voltage 5 V
Cell Material Li-ion
Weight 284.5 g
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Please read the following instructions (4 Parts) carefully for a good understanding of the product and its operation.


Part I. Charge the Battery

Step 1

Method 1

Charge the Power Bank via Computer USB Terminal.


Connect the provided USB power cable to the micro-USB plug connector tip (the tip marked "M10").


Method 2

Charge the Power Bank via your original digital device's AC power adaptor, which is 5V output and with micro-USB output plug.






The AC power adaptor should meet the below requirements:
1. Output Voltage: DC 5V
2. Output Plug: Micro-USB
If all the above conditions are satisfied, charge the Power Bank in a similar way as method 1.

Step 2


All LEDs are in color, glowing in number corresponding to charging time.
Reminder: The battery might become warm while charging.

Step 3


The LED display will keep flashing during the charging process. When the battery is fully charged, all 5 LEDs will all glow.

Reminder: Unplug the USB cable / adapter after the battery is fully charged.


Part II. Power Status

Different lighting condition of the LED display shows respective current power level of the battery:

Condition of LED display
Power Level
10-20% available
21-40% available
41-60% available
61-80% available
81-100% available

Reminder: Do not exhaust the battery. Recharge before power is completely consumed.

Part III. Use of the Battery

Step 1: Refer to the label on AC Adapter for your device to the "Output" power.



Step 2: Plug the provided power cable (USB Cable) into the jack on the battery.



Step 3: Select a correct plug tip, if necessary, which can fit into the device's DC jack tightly and snugly.

Step 4: Press the DC Power Switch to start charging.


Step 5: Conncect the device to the battery, and it's done!

Keep pushing on the Functional Switch 3 seconds will turn the LED flashlight on.
Then, push again 
the Functional Switch 3 seconds will turn off the LED flashlight.

Reminder: Please fully charge the battery prior to the first use.

Part IV. Caution

1. Do not disassemble, refit or recombine it by yourself.
2. Do not throw, knock, shake or strike it.
3. Do not put it in water, keep the battery dry and far away from rainwater. Moisture and erosive materials.
4. Avoid sunshine or rain and it can store in a dry place with a proper ambient termperature.
5. Do not place or carry inflammable, explosive and hazardous articles nearly the battery.
6. Do not short circuit the battery.
7. When this battery is disused, please discard this product and its accessories in accordance with related local environmental protection laws and regulations.
8. Do not clean the battery with stimulation chemicals, washes or detergents with relatively high density. Use soft cloth to lightly dip soap solution containing no harmful materials, and clean the battery.
9. Please recharge this battery once three months when it is not used for long time.