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External Battery (65 / 65 Wh Silver 5850 / 5850 mAh Li-ion 16 V)

PSE Code: ENB004L

Brand: Powersmart

Colors :

Rate 65 / 65 Wh
Colour Silver
Capacity 5850 / 5850 mAh
Size 233.40 x 169.30 x 14.10 mm
Input Voltage 16 V
External Battery Output Voltage 15-17 / 18-20 V
Cell Material Li-ion
Weight 736.7 g
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Please read the following instructions (4 Parts) carefully for a good understanding of the product and its operation.


Part I. Charge the Battery

Step 1:
To charge EL1691, simply connect it with AC adapter (included in the package).

Step 2:
The battery LED indicator turns red when charging (please have a closer look at it in the picture below).

1. Do not connect EL1691 with laptop while charging (otherwise, it would cause damages to the device).
2. The battery might become warm while charging.

Step 3:
The battery LED indicator turns green when charging process completed.

Unplug the adapter ASAP once the battery is fully charged.

Part II. Power Status

Different lighting condition of the LED display shows respective current power level of the battery:

Condition of LED display
Power Level
Less than 25% available
25-50% available
51-75% available
76-100% available

Reminder: Do not exhaust the battery. Recharge before power is completely consumed.

Part III. Use of the Battery

Step 1a:
Refer to the label on AC adapter for your notebook - to check the "Output" power.

Step 1b:
Refer to the label stuck on the bottom of your notebook - to check the "power input" requirement.


Step 2:
Select an output voltage, push the button to the left for 16V or to the right for 19V, which closes to the power input requirement of your notebook. 16V output is capable of powering a 15-17V notebook; and 19V is for 18V-20V.


Step 3:
Select the correct plug tip that could fit into the notebook DC jack tightly and snugly.


Step 4:
Connect the provided output cable with the plug tip.


Step 5:
Plug the other side of the cable into the battery. The LED display would turn to red when connection is properly done.

Reminder: Please fully charge the battery prior to the first use.

Part IV. Caution

1. Do not subject the battery to extreme pressure.
2. Do not over charge the battery to avoid shortening of battery life.
3. Do not immerse in water.
4. Do not attempt to open or break apart the battery pack.
5. Do not throw the battery in fire or attempt to burn it.
6. Keep the battery away from excessively dry or humid environments.
7. Do not use the battery if it has been subjected to shock or damage; take it to qualified technician for inspection and repair.